Trust Shanthivanam
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About Us

Training & Rehabilitation of Under peviledged members of society, Trichy (TRUST) is a charitable organization, a non-profit, non-religious ; Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) located in Tiruchirappalli, state of Tamil Nadu, India. TRUST is one of the few genuine established organizations for mental-health services in South India that strives to uplift the lives of uncared, abandoned, drifting destitute and mentally challenged members of the society.

At any point of period around 150 mentally ill residents abandoned, drifted and wandering in street of different states off whom 60% are women are rescued and given medical and psychological treatment and sheltered in our residential home – Shanthivanam and they receive hope, treatment, rehabilitation and training and learn to live in society with dignity. It provides all the essential services such as prevention, intervention and rehabilitation to the underprivileged mentally disabled people. With the selfless dedicated service rendered, we have reached and made a difference in lives of more than 10,000 people across various domiciles of India through various projects.