Trust Shanthivanam
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Community Mental Health


This collabaration work could be smiles in more than 400 families at Kunrandarkoil, a remote increcessible village.

Vazhikattuvom Thittam (Show the Path)

Vazhikattuvom Thittam (Show the Path) - Through this government sponsored scheme, we worked very hard to visit every home and identified 10150 mentally ill and challenged people in Karur district. This efforts was very much appreciate by the government.

Pudhuvazhu (New Life) Project

This World Bank - Japan funded government project aims at identifying mental illness, effective treatment, life skill training for patients and families organise selfhelp group so the quality of their life and income for that people will improve.

In this pilot project in 15 districts have been chosen we are proud to pen that we have been chosen to serve in 7 districts. Now we are standing as a role model for others to follow. In this one year we have made survey, identified 1800 mentally ill patients and started them on treatment. through on regular follow up, ensuring compliance through the CDP and needed patients in patient care, almost all one showing remarkable appreciation on service.