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Crises Intervention

Crises Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre

Through this service we add hope into thousands of lives that have stood at the last moments of life. Our crises team acting involve in rescue & psychosocial intervention in any major natural or man made calamities - Tsunami Disaster, Kumbakonam School fire tragedy, Trichy Srirengam Marriage hall fire tragedy, flood in an area etc.

Suicide Prevention Centre

All are aware that suicide is on the rise globally more so it is many as 15/1,00,000 commit suicide in India alone, which is high death rate. Ten times more people survive suicide. One main cause of suicide is biological vulnerability of the individual depression, stressors like failure in exam, love affairs, in business, property dispute, family dispute, marital conflicts, alcoholism, and negative influence of mass media act as precipitants. Most of the suicidal act is an impulsive one without any advanced planning, unable to accept aggression, disappointments and harsh ego (suicide is MURDER at 180°).

Through our hotline +91 98424 22121 counseling we had saved thousands of life.

If by any mean we can appeal to the rational and thinking of individual, give a patient such hearing, most of the suicides can be prevented. We are able to achieve this through our No’s. 98424 22121,. The suicidal individual contact well trained counselors vent their emotions, express their problem, get psychological and maximum possible other supports. The most important aspects of the SPC (Suicidal Prevention Centre) is that the clients are accepted as human on the whole with their virtues and defects and they can be can be confident that they have a friend to confide. They feel more relaxed, start thinking rationally and they are given guidance to solve their problems. We periodically recontact them and enquire about their well-being, promise our continued support. The important feature of this programme is that clients can be completely anonymous and the final decision and responsibility on their lives lies with them. However, most of the clients identify themselves. They personally contact us, and get counseling. Severely depressed clients are referred to the doctors for Medical Management. So far, more than 1000 such clients have been benefited. Most of the disasters were prevented through our counseling.

We organise mental health awareness programmes in schools.During exam period & result period, we have extended helping hand to needy students.