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What is Mind ?
Mind is a force. This force guides man's thoughts, feeling and actions. Mind decides one's character, customs and habits. Traditionally, it was believed that mind and conscience operated from heart. But in this scientific era it is discovered, mind is operated due to (serotonin, nor-epinephrine, dopamine, GABA) Chemical neurotransmitters from limbic lobe. These chemical neurotransmitters are unique in each individual which are significantly responsible for individualistic character. Either increase or decrease in secretion of these neurotransmitters leads to mental illness. However with meditation stress relaxation technique theses NT can be kept optimism and live peaceful life.
What are the roles of public in mental health awareness ?
Everyone should know that Mental illness is also a medical illness. Mental patients are needed not to be afraid of. People affected by mental illness are not laughing stock and anyone can get mental illness at any point in time. The family members and society treat the mentally ill persons. Most of the mental illness is treatment able. The uncared, wandering mental illness are our own brothers and sisters. To provide treatment food and shelter with lone for the mental illness persons is our responsibility and duty.
Are mental health problem common in women ?
Depression and anxiety are commonly seen away, women. Their personality, socio-cultural situation circumstances and hormones may come for their condition, even during menstrual cycles and menopause and after delivery mental problem may be more among women. It is very important to treat them at the right time.
Is that true only mentally ill people will visit psychiatrist ?
One should be appreciated if he visits a psychiatrist for counselling. They are not INSANE. Psychological problems are not stigmatizing issue to an individual. Anybody or anyone can suffer from psychiatric problems. Counselling is very helpful in finding a solution for the psychological problem which leads to peace within, happiness in the family and progress in life. We consult a cardiologist for heart problem, surgeon for ache pain. Similarly, mental problems can be treated by counsellors and psychiatry.