Trust Shanthivanam
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The Executive Secretary Dr. K. Ramakrishnan, Consultant Psychiatrist is a leading consultant of this area, based on the first hand experiences he had with patients, suffering undergone by the family, how society looks down at mentally disabled, why patients are brought as an excited state even though sick for months, kindled his thoughts what remedial actions to be taken though not fully atleast a share. He discussed these issues with likeminded friends and others. TRUST - Society was born. We have registered this a society to give complete transparency in our activities.
All services were not started overnight.

First project started was Nambikkai - Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre on 2000 which become an instant success.

Nambikkai - Crises Intervention Centre in 2001.

Vellicham – Mental Health Awareness Programmes in 2002. Experience from one service led to another.


The Erwadi fire tragedy when 29 chained mentally ill were charred to death made us to seriously think of a good residential centre. This led to the proposal of SHANTHIVANAM on 2003.
And now with a range of service we are able to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach in rehabilitation
We are proud to put in record, as one of the very few NGO providing all the essential services (prevention, intervention and rehabilitation) required in Mental Health.

TRIMAS – Trust Institute of Mental Health and Social Science aimed at Training medical, paramedical, community whereas on mental health, partake in research activities, share knowledge with other academicians.

SAFION – Shanthivanam Art Foundation for promoting Indian art and by this raise funds for Shanthivanam.

Community Mental Health Projects – Organising Mental Health Camps in the rural areas through MOBILE CLINICS and TELEPSYCHIATRY travelling in the PATH LESS TRAVELLED.